BUILT-IN BOX by Rubinetterie Mariani is an item specifically designed for construction site needs. A universal built-in housing, compatible with all the Rubinetterie Mariani faucet collections, which allows plant and masonry work to be completed without waiting for the final choice of taps.

The built-in box is available in different models to support shower mixers with up to 3 water outlets and the built-in basin mixer.

The built-in box allows you to house all Rubinetterie Mariani collections at a later date with:

  • thermostatic cartridge
  • cartridge Ø 40 mm
  • cartridge Ø 35 mm

An improved service for all the builders who can now give their customers the opportunity to easily choose among the many collections of faucets, without interfering with the state of the work, without any delay and without compromising on the design style.

The Rubinetterie Mariani built-in box and all its components are entirely produced in Italy using the best materials and high-tech production technologies.

The raw material used for the container of the box, with high density, has been specially selected to be practical for cutting, long-lasting, protective, resistant and soundproofing.

Thanks to the reduced thickness of the BOX, it is possible to install it in plasterboard and wooden walls and still remains a product that can be inspected over time.

Consult the brochure to check all the faucet items compatible with each BOX.

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