SURF ECO is a mixer faucet collection dedicated to water and energy savings. Thanks to the combination of different technologies it is possible to reduce waste without upsetting our daily habits. The SURF ECO taps include as standard features an ENERGY SAVING cartridge and an aerator with reduced passage to 8 liters per minute. The taps can also be completed with the optional saving features WATER SAVING DYNAMIC and ANTISCALDING.


In detail:

  • ENERGY SAVING cartridge avoids the accidental and unintentional request of hot water, thus allowing energy savings. This feature provides for opening in only cold water when the lever is aligned with the mixer spout; for the supply of hot water a voluntary movement of the lever to the left is instead necessary.
  • WATER SAVING AERATOR with a standard flow limitation of 8 liters per minute (also available on request in 6, 4, 3 L / min variants).
  • ANTISCALDING ring technology limits the maximum temperature of the water for a steady energy saving.
  • WATER SAVING DYNAMIC technology allows the user to choose the quantity of water strictly necessary for each operation. During opening, the lever first stops at 50% of the total water flow and requires a second voluntary push to reach 100% of the delivery.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Equipped with ceramic disc ECO cartridge Ø35 mm. Single lever. Available in finishing chrome.

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SURF ECO collection do not include shower and bathtub mixers because it’s assumed that there is no need to use them in only cold water. To complete your bathroom interiors, we suggest you to use items from SURF collection with standard cartridge (Go to SURF collection). ECO versions for bath and shower may however be available on specific request.

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