A creative minimalism enriched with sweet details gives the STILNOVO collection a strong and elegant personality. It is the sweet stilnovo of Rubinetterie Mariani, the latest technology at the service of quality and design to create a selection of impressive spouts and ceiling mixers.

The STILNOVO LIGHT versions include the LED COLOR FOUNTAIN* function: an integrated turbine technology that, by using only the passage of water, generates a soft colored LED light.
The relaxing effects of colors blend with the regenerating power of water and create interiors settings full of charm.


  • LED COLOR FOUNTAIN technology is produced in Italy too, developed in collaboration with the company S.T.S.R. - Development and Research Technical Office, electronics department (
  • LED COLOR FOUNTAIN operates at 2.5lt / min, the intensity of the light does not depend on the water pressure.
  • The cartridge is equipped with an inlet filter that allows the turbine to work isolated from the impurities present in the water.
  • COLOR FOUNTAIN LED cartridge is available in 3 different variants (A or D) to choose from when ordering items.

stilnovo light mariani

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