TOUCH ME kitchen sink mixers


TOUCH-ME is a latest generation technology to open and close the water flow simply by touching the mixer, without therefore having to grip the lever. A new comfort dedicated to kitchen faucets to manage every small daily operation with:

  • maximum freedom of movement
  • less waste of water
  • less waste of time
  • higher hygiene and cleanliness in the sink area

With the TOUCH-ME kitchen mixers by Rubinetterie Mariani it is in fact possible to open and close the water even with busy or dirty hands, simply by touching the tap's surface with, for example, the forearm, the spoon or the edge of the pot.


Easy space-saving installation of electronics under the sink. Installation does not require specialized technicians or electrical outlets.

Powered by 4 AA 1.5V lithium or alkaline batteries (lithium batteries are standard included because they perform more over time).

A sound emission will indicate the low battery.

Before the "low battery" block, the valves switch to the open position and the touch function is deactivated allowing manual use of the mixer until the batteries have been changed.

Faucets with TOUCH-ME technology can also be used at any time as a normal tap, simply by disconnecting the TOUCH function.

Each TOUCH-ME kitchen mixer is equipped with:

  • Two solenoid valves.
  • Electrical connection for the TOUCH sensor.
  • Electronic system protected in a special space-saving box with the 4 batteries.

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