The history of Rubinetterie Mariani began in the early 1960s in Milan (Italy).

The Mariani brothers started faucets production in the Gorla district and a few years later they moved it to the present factories in Zingonia in the province of Bergamo (italy), more suitable for spaces and machinery for a strong growth. Rubinetterie Mariani occupied at the time more than 150 employees who worked in highly specialized departments and with sophisticated equipment to perform with the utmost precision the various operations necessary for the production of articles in series: brass hot forging with the use of robots, department transfer machines and multi‐spindle machines for the cleaning of the pieces for chrome plating, chrome plating plant, assembly and testing department, cleaning and boxing of taps, laboratory testing and quality control, storage of the finished product, packaging and shipping department.

In 1974 the company became part of the American group Masco Corporation, the first global group in the sector of industrial faucets, and with them developed a set of synergistic actions that resulted in the acquisition of new high management skills.

Since January 1st 2008 the company left the American Group and became completely Italian once again, engaging in new investments and in new technologies for an even more quality result.

Today Rubinetterie Mariani is a productive reality that, thanks to the experience gained and its historicity, maintains stable business relationships throughout Italy and in many Countries around the world. The brand and the faucet proposals of Rubinetterie Mariani continue to be the guarantee of a "Quality that lasts over time".

timeless quality