Piezoelectric technology combined with faucets allows an extremely precise electronic timing of the water supply.

TEMPOR TOUCH tap models for washbasins are mainly dedicated to public spaces. The piezoelectric button on the top of the tap allows you to activate the water flow with a slight pressure and to stop it automatically after a set period of time (or with a second press).

TEMPOR TOUCH tap models for the kitchen use piezoelectric technology for private homes instead, allowing to electronically manage the purified water or to timed the opening and closing of the water destined for household appliances (washing machine and dishwasher).

By pressing the button above the mixer, the passage of water is enabled and it will be automatically interrupted after 5 hours (one press) or 12 hours (two presses).

The use of water for the sink remains independent and adjustable using the mixing lever according to the traditional method.

Battery powered with under-basin space-saving installation.

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